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G560 GPS Locator Phone Purple

G560 GPS Locator Phone Purple
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Product Description


FEATURES- G560 Wherifone GPS Locator Phone- Purple finish
The Wherifone GPS Locator Phone is the world's smallest GSM/
Enhanced-GPS Locator Phone and provides a totally unique and
affordable way for families with pre-teens, seniors, or those with
special medical needs, to stay connected and in contact with each
other. As well as two-way voice calling, the Wherifone features
Enhanced-GPS location technology that lets it be located in lightly
obstructed areas, such as many types of woodframe buildings and
vehicles, and under dense foliage. The slim, small and lightweight
GPS Locator Phone can fit almost anywhere -- from a backpack, to a
purse, to a coat or pants pocket, or the family car.
Whether at work, home or traveling simply use the Internet or any
phone to quickly identify the location of the device within feet,
in about a minute. In addition to the ability to locate or make
incoming and outgoing calls, the GPS Locator Phone even gives a
child or adult carrying it a new level of security knowing they can
also request an emergency response at the touch of a button.
And because it uses the same tested and proven technology as the
Wherify GPS Locator for Kids, the GPS Locator Phone is a safety
solution that families and businesses can rely on.
The Wherifone is a great "First Phone" for pre-teens. The small, compact
design is a perfect fit for kids, and comes in a variety of great colors
that will make them the envy of the neighborhood. The phone's five pre-
programmable buttons let kids stay in touch with close family and
friends, or summon help with one-touch dialing -- while letting parents
manage outbound call costs. The Wherifone's Enhanced GPS location
technology also lets parents, caregivers and safety officials quickly
locate a child in need of help, bringing peace-of-mind and added safety
to the mobile family.
The Wherifone makes an ideal "Companion Phone" for seniors on the go or
with special needs. With simple one-touch dialing through five pre-
programmed buttons, seniors can easily stay in touch with friends and
family while having the ability to call for help at the push of a
button. Not only can seniors use the Wherifone GPS location phone
themselves to summon aid right to their location, but loved-ones and
care-givers can contact the Wherify Global Location Service Center, or
use the secure Wherify website, to identify senior's location at anytime
of day or night.
The Wherifone can be used by small businesses as a mobile "Work Phone"
to manage and communicate with mobile workers, to manage the location of
small fleets of trucks or delivery vehicles, and to coordinate dispatch
destinations with drivers. The preprogrammed one-touch dialing buttons
also help the small business owner manage communications expenses. The
absence of a traditional dial pad prevents workers from using the
Wherifone for personal calls and incurring unauthorized expenses, while
at the same time insuring they can make necessary calls to up to five
pre-defined locations.
- 'SOS' button in of case emergency
- Five programmable buttons for one-touch dialing
- Push button location services
- Earpiece jack for hands-free mode
- Backlit LCD, indicating battery power level, network connectivity,
numeric pages, call status, date/time and ring/vibrate indicator.
- GSM SIM Card for phone number portability
- Tri-band for GSM: 850/1800/1900
- Via Web access, locates loved ones within feet/meters in about a
- View location on both street and aerial mapping, to include date/time
stamp, lat/long and block address.
- Set breadcrumb schedule for periodic locates
- View location history
- E-GPS allows location in many types of wood frame buildings, vehicles,
and dense foliage.

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